335 International Kangaroo Contest student level ( class 11-12)


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Welcome to the International Kangaroo Contest, Student Level (Class 11-12), a prestigious mathematics competition for students in grades 11 and 12. Participate in this global event to test your problem-solving skills, compete with talented peers, and embrace the spirit of healthy competition. With thought-provoking multiple-choice questions covering various mathematical disciplines, this inclusive contest is accessible to all students, free of charge. Register on the official website before February, and seize the opportunity to showcase your mathematical prowess on an international stage. Join the ranks of exceptional performers and earn well-deserved recognition through certificates of merit.


  • Prestigious mathematics competition designed for grades 11 and 12 students
  • Held annually in over 80 countries to enhance mathematical problem-solving skills
  • Consists of 20 thought-provoking multiple-choice questions
  • Each question carries a weightage of 1 point
  • Contest duration of 75 minutes to test quick thinking and effective problem-solving
  • Encompasses various mathematical disciplines like algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, and logic
  • Provides an inclusive platform for students to participate without any registration fee
  • Registration available on the official International Kangaroo Contest website
  • Registration deadline typically in early February
  • Results announced in late March with top 10% performers receiving certificates of merit
  • Opportunity to test skills, engage in healthy competition, and foster global camaraderie
  • Enhances mathematical abilities and offers a rewarding journey of growth and recognition


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