206 Biology O Level Notes


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206 Biology O Level Notes

Unit-1 Cell Structure and Organization
1.1 Plant and animal cells:
1.2 Specialized cells, tissues and organs:
Unit-2 Diffusion and Osmosis
2.3 Diffusion:
2.4 Osmosis:
2.5 Active transport:
Biology O Level Notes
Unit 3 Enzyme
3.1 Enzyme action:
3.2 Factors affecting the rate of an enzyme action:
Unit-4 Plant Nutrition
4.1 Photosynthesis:
4.2 Structure of dicot leaf:
4.3 Mineral nutrition:
Unit-5 Animal Nutrition
5.1 Nutrients:
5.2 Diet:
5.3 World food supplies:
5.4 Digestion in humans:
5.5 Chemical digestion:
5.6 Absorption and assimilation:
Unit-6 Transport in Flowering Plants
6.1 Water and ion uptake:
Unit-7 Transport in Humans
7.1 Blood circulatory system:
Unit 8 Respiration
8.1 Aerobic respiration:
8.2 Anaerobic respiration:
8 Human gas exchange
Unit-9 Excretion
9.1 Structure and function of kidneys
9.2 Kidney dialysis:
Biology O Level Notes
Unit-10 Homeostasis
10.1 Structure and function of the skin:
Unit-11 Coordination and Response
11.1 Nervous system:
11.2 Different stimuli and receptors:
11.3 Reflex action:
11.4 Harmone:
Unit-12 Support, Movement and Locomotion
12.1 Bones:
12.2 Joint:
12.3 Antagonistic muscles:
UNIT-13 The Use and Abuse of Drugs
13.1 Antibiotics:
13.2 Heroin:
13.3 Effects of alcohol:
13.4 Effects of tobacco smoke:
Unit-14 Microorganisms and Biotechnology
14.1 Microorganisms:
14.2 Food biotechnology:
14.3 Industrial biotechnology:
Biology O Level Notes
Unit-15 Relationships of Organisms with One Another and with the Environment
15.1 Energy flow:
15.2 Food chain and food webs:
15.3 Carbon cycle:
15.4 Nitrogen cycle:
15.5 Parasitism:
15.6 Pollution:
15.7 Conservation:
Unit-16 Development of Organisms and Continuity of Life
16.1 Asexual reproduction:
16.2 Sexual reproduction in plants:
16.3 Sexual reproduction in human:
16.4 Sexually transmitted diseases:
Unit-17 Inheritance
17.1 Variation:
17.2 Chromosomes and dna:
17.3 Monohybrid inheritance:
17.4 selection
17.5 Genetic engineering:


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