214 Biology A-Level P-4 Workbook


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The Biology A-Level P-4 Workbook, published by Read and Write Publications, is a valuable resource designed to aid students in their preparation for the A Level Biology Paper 4 exam. This comprehensive workbook covers a wide range of topics crucial to the exam’s syllabus, providing students with a solid foundation in key areas of biology.

Key Topics Covered in the Biology A-Level P-4 Workbook:

1. Energy and Respiration: Explore the fascinating processes of energy transfer, respiration, and fermentation, understanding how organisms derive and utilize energy.

2. Photosynthesis: Delve into the intricacies of photosynthesis, including the light-dependent reactions and the Calvin cycle, uncovering the essential mechanisms behind this vital process.

3. Homeostasis: Gain insight into the delicate balance of homeostasis, studying temperature regulation, osmoregulation, and other mechanisms that maintain stability within living organisms.

4. Control and Co-ordination: Examine the intricacies of the nervous system, endocrine system, and muscle contraction, understanding how organisms control and coordinate their bodily functions.

5. Inherited Change: Explore the realm of DNA, genes, and inheritance, unraveling the fascinating world of genetic information transfer and the principles that govern it.

6. Selection and Evolution: Investigate the mechanisms of natural selection, artificial selection, and evolution, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the processes that shape biodiversity.

7. Biodiversity, Classification, and Conservation: Discover the importance of biodiversity, learn about classification systems, and understand the significance of conservation efforts in preserving our natural world.

8. Genetic Technology: Explore the realm of genetic technology, including genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms, gaining insight into the ethical implications and potential applications of these advancements.

The Biology A-Level P-4 Workbook presents information in a clear and concise manner, ensuring students can easily grasp and retain the essential concepts. Additionally, the workbook provides a variety of practice questions to allow students to assess their understanding and reinforce their knowledge. A glossary of terms and a list of formulas are also included to facilitate learning and comprehension.

For students preparing for the A Level Biology Paper 4 exam, the Biology A-Level P-4 Workbook is an indispensable resource. Its comprehensive coverage, variety of practice questions, glossary of terms, and list of formulas make it an essential tool to help you succeed in your exam and excel in your biology studies.


Energy and Respiration (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
1.1 Energy (Section-B)
1.2 Respiration (Section-B)
1.3 Multiple Topics (Section-B)
Photosynthesis (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
2.1 Photosynthesis as an Energy Transfer Process (Section-B)
2.2 Adaptations for Photosynthesis (Section-B)
Homeostasis (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
3.1 Homeostasis in Mammals (Section-B)
3.2 Homeostasis in Plants (Section-B)
Control and Co-ordination (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
4.1 Control and Co-ordination in Mammals (Section-B)
4.2 Control and Co-ordination in Plants (Section-B)
Inherited Change (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
5.1 Passage of Information from Parent to Offspring (Section-B)
5.2 The Roles of Genes in Determining the Phenotype (Section-B)
5.3 Gene Control (Section-B)
Selection and Evolution (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
6.1 Variation (Section-B)
6.2 Natural and Artificial Selection (Section-B)
6.3 Evolution (Section-B)
Biodiversity, Classification and Conservation (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
7.1 Classification (Section-B)
7.2 Conservation (Section-B)
Genetic Technology (Section-A)
Answers Section (A)
8.1 Principles of Genetic Technology (Section-B)
8.2 Genetic Technology Applied to Medicine (Section-B)
8.3 Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture (Section-B)


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