Mostly the students overlook the A level Past papers and Topical books but there are very important and useful and can help a lot in preparation. Here are few tips that can help you in efficient and better preparation using A Level Topical Books and Past Papers.

The exams cancelled and the pandemic disturbed the whole study and education system. Due to long break everyone’s study routines and schedules have been disturbed. Are you also feeling it hard to manage and adjust your study routine again and prepare for the Nov/Dec session?

Well yes you are, not only you but every student is dealing with the same situation during these days. Just have a chill pill and relax because we have got the solution to deal with this situation and get back to your study routines to prepare for the exams and perform well in next session.

Practice The Questions With A Level Topical Past Papers

After finishing the complete syllabus don’t settle and ignore the A level topical past papers thinking these are not important and your preparation is enough. Take a look to the A level topical books to have an idea about the exam’s questions and style. Best approach is to review it from the past paper that how questions can be asked from that topic and what questions have been asked in the past. This also helps you recall the topic again and it’s a great strategy for better learning. For example if you are preparing a topic from Business Studies Books and later on you search and review it from Business A level past papers than it will be more prepared than other subjects. Attempting the question in with marks schemes will really help.

Timed Topical Past Papers

Checking and preparing the questions from the past papers after text book preparation is the first step. Once you are done with that start attempting the past papers with keeping the time track. This will really help you organize your time to attempt a paper. Stay normal and don’t set a strict time that can’t be achieved easily. Doing so will lower your motivation. Start with the flexible time boundary and slowly squeeze it to practice better and stay motivated. This is one of the best ways for better time management in exams. This is one of the biggest regret of students after exam that “I knew the answer but I wish I had more time to write it down”. Attempt as much papers as you can to practice time management and to save yourself from the regret.


One more thing is do not keep thinking over the answer that you are unsure about. Just move on to the next and keep it for the end. It is better to attempt the rest of the paper. Spend time wisely because every minute is important. Mostly the sciences and Law Papers are lengthy comparatively. Use Law A level topical past papers for preparation and practice.

Using Mark Schemes

The Read and Write Topical Past papers also include complete marks schemes along with the past papers. It lets you judge your answers according to the marks distributions. You may find some questions you thought you were comfortable with, but actually need a little work… or perhaps you nailed a question you thought you struggled with! Once you completed attempting several papers than in same subject, you’ll start noticing the repetition of questions. This pattern is mostly seen in the science subjects.This also helps learning the key pattern of exams and examiner’s mind.

Analysis You Preapations

You can have a clear analysis of your preparation using A level topical books and Past papers. On completion of a paper mark it and then analyze in which topic or which area you are weak. Note down the topics and areas where you are weak. Work on the areas that you are struggling in and prepare all of your week topics.

Just filling the paper is not enough. Analyze it again to remove your weakness and score the highest grades. Not just practice its also updating your notes and preparation material. Don’t leave anything pending and cover it in time. If you are unable to understand a question or a topic than ask someone to explain it to you or search for it. After that also can read A level topical past papers for more better preparation.

At first attempts it would seem hard and difficult to attempt papers and will dishearten you, but keep doing and don’t give up. All the efforts will pay off!