Cambridge O level is difficult near a lot of students but this isn’t right and having such thought and belief affects your preparation and performance also. Its human psyche that if thing difficult in his mind than its obviously difficult for him in reality. So, firstly stop thinking that O level, A level, or Cambridge assessment examination is difficult. This will help a lot in having a relaxed mind for preparation.

Cambridge’s exams aren’t difficult but tricky and conceptual and a little hard work and effort can bore fruits and can make you through Cambridge assessment. This can make you achieve your desired grade which is probably A, right?Cambridge A level Past Papers Yes, you can have straight A* but it’s not that simple. However, making up the mind is the prior step.

We have searched for the factors that lead to better grades and have taken the analysis of several top-performing student’s ways of study. This has given us the path to good grades like A+.

These Are A Few Tips For You To Prepare For Cambridge Assessment Exams:

  1. Hard work is the key to success. Work hard and go through the complete course at least once to have a better understanding of the concepts.
  2. Solve and prepare from the Cambridge past papers and Notes and MCQs by some credible source and publisher. They will help you to have the idea of how is the exam and on what questions you should be focusing on. Students face problems in subjects like physics. It’s concept based and requires real-time effort and understanding. Physic lies among such subjects. It is a complete concept-based subject. There is O level physics past papers, notes, and books available online as well as offline.
  3. If your goal is just good grade, not the A+ then it can be achieved by just studying the coursebooks and preparing lectures but why to risk up. Use Past papers for preparation.
  4. Don’t panic and study in a relaxed environment. If stuck on some question, remind yourself that its part of your syllabus, and you have already studied it. Try 2 to 3 time and you’ll surely do that question.
  5. Make a solid routine for your study and then stick to it. Avoid distraction. At home sit alone while studying so there should be no one disturbing or distracting you.
  6. Study Music is also very helpful. If you have an issue in having concentration for longer periods than. Listen to the study and focus music and it will surely help out in focusing and concentration.
  7. Put away the distracting materials like phone laptop etc. Your study time should be fully dedicated and devoted to learning.
  8. Practice more and prioritize the questions from past papers. Use topical and yearly notes and past papers. Those have the question that has come into Cambridge exams repeatedly.
  9. Don’t burden yourself if you haven’t studied for the whole year or something like this. Stay relax and make your routine now. Just 2 to 4 months of focused preparation are enough to score A* in Cambridge exams.

We hope this will help you out and as discussed physics earlier, you can have our physics O level past papers for preparation.

If you have any queries about Cambridge O level past papers or A level past papers, you can ask us anytime we’re here to help you out.