There is good news for all Pakistanis that, with the grace of ALLAH Almighty and the wise decisions of our respected Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan has recovered from the COVID-19 threat and now heading back to the everyday situations.  The best thing for the students is that the schools and educational institutions have reopened. And student now can prepare their exams with Business O level Topical Past Papers and of all other subjects too.

Best News For O level, A level, and IGCSE Students

A few months back, the COVID-19 took over the whole world with millions of infected and deaths. It was a tough time for the entire globe, and the entire world went locked down. Everything was closed, and people were locked down in their homes. The entire world’s education system collapsed along with everything. Every institute than moved towards the online classes to avoid keep students studying from their homes. Though this was tough, the safety and lives of students were important.

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Hence the classes were taken online, and the results were announced on the basis of previous performance and opinions of the teachers. This was a really tough span for everyone. This was the first time that the students were promoted without the exams to the next sessions. At first, the May/June Session of Cambridge Assessment Students was delayed, but later, it was decided to encourage the students based on their previous performances.  Before this, some subjects were more under discussion among students. Business studies are one of them. To understand the business concepts, most of the students were having Business studies o level topical past papers. These O level topical past papers were beneficial in their preparation and understanding of the concepts and questions.

Business Studies O Level Topical Past Papers

Business studies o level topical past papers for O level and A level by Read and Write are best for preparation. These O level topical past papers include all the previous questions from 2002 in a sequence with marks scheme had. Also, there are a level and O level past papers and A level and O level topical past papers available for all other subjects.

The Good thing is that the school and educational institutions in Pakistan have reopened with the SOP’s. Pakistan is now among the list of countries that have successfully recovered from the COVID-19. The government has allowed the schools to reopen in phases with all the SOP’s to keep students safe. Schools are asked to call students in stages on alternate days. This is a test phase, and only schools are allowed for senior students. O level and A level students are also now going back to school to resume their study session.

Its time for the students to resume and focus their studies as the hard time is over now. Students should get ready and prepare for the exams of the Nov/Dec session. Get the Business studies o level topical past papers for better preparation.  There are also A level and O level topical past papers available for all the subjects.

There is another good news for the O level, A level, and IGCSE students from Read and Write. All of the O level, A level, and IGCSE books and past papers are available online as E-books, and you can study online on your smart devices. Business studies o level topical past papers and notes are also available online as E-book.