IGCSE or GCSE which is better? This has always been a big debate and a hot topic between students as well as teachers online and offline.

What is IGCSE?

On the other side, IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This is for all the students worldwide that are getting enrolled in Cambridge assessment examination as an alternative for GCSE. It is Theory as well as practical based and is recognized worldwide by all universities and institutions equally. It is also similar to GCSE for the students of 14 to 16 year of age. Even the books GCSE are also similar to IGCSE Books. The student passing IGCSE than goes to A levels. It is also an alternative to the O level and is of some importance. As students outside the UK were having issues due to English as a first language so to standardize the system IGCSE was introduced 25 years ago to let students sit in exams who were not having English as their first language.

What is GCSE?

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a qualification offered to the students in the United Kingdom (UK) by the schools for students of age 14 to 16. Its Below A level and the students that pass from GCSE seek admission in A level for further studies. This is mainly a theory-based qualification with some research work and may involve some practical work.

Difference Between GCSE and IGCSE

The Major difference between IGCSE and GCSE is that IGCSE lack in course work while GCSE is mostly theory-based. Hence IGCSE students have the opportunity to get enrolled at any time of the course because unlike GCSE they don’t have to worry about the submission of coursework. While GCSE is considered harder in comparison due to its straightforward rules. According to UK government IGCSE doesn’t match the same standards as GCSE.

Scope of IGCSE in Pakistan:

In the UK GCSE is compulsory for students in government institutes while some of the private institutes still offer IGCSE there. While in Pakistan there is the choice for the students in o level and IGCSE as these are considered equivalent and students can proceed to A level after both of these qualifications and is recognizable by all the universities of Pakistan. Hence the students can take admission in any field and university after these. If compared to the local education system of Pakistan the IGCSE is equivalent to the matriculation of the local system. As IGCSE and O level are international courses so these are different and comparatively difficult than matric. If you are the student of IGCSE in Pakistan than you should know that Read and Write Publications are the one and only that is publishing IGCSE books in Pakistan.IGCSE Books in Pakistan The IGCSE Books are mostly same as of O levels. They may have some similar topics to the matric but are totally different from them. IGCSE books in Pakistan can be found al local book stores for exam preparations. Now there are some of the local publishers that are producing quality content as O level and IGCSE books, notes and past papers in Pakistan. Read and Write Publications is one of the leading publishers of Cambridge assessment IGCSE books in Pakistan. They have the best past papers and notes series for exam preparation in Pakistan. Their books are also available online with nationwide delivery.