According to the updates from the Cambridge above a million students of o level, a level, and IGCSE will receive the grades and will get promoted. But the promotion this year would be totally different as never happened before. Due to the pandemic, the whole education system all around the world is badly disturbed and has changed everything.  It would be totally different the way the students used to study and wait for the results and the result announcement, the celebrations, their training, study everything would be totally different.

Latest Update From Cambridge For A Level, O Level, And IGCSE’s Students

There is no idea how it would be to receive the grades based on several judgments and teacher’s ideas instead of the performance in proper exams. So as a result of emotional responses to it a lot of students will be happy, some will get disappointed as they didn’t get the chance to prove their intelligence in exams and received bad grades and some will be normally ok with whatever grade they’ll get.  But its usual as this also happens with proper exams.

Grades and Parents Concern

Besides students, parents are still in the same emotional situations as ever before waiting for their children’s grades. But this year in August their response would be much more important. Many parents are dealing with hard situations and supporting their children in these depressing times. So those whose children will get bad grades will surely question the system about the grading criteria and the difference from the submitted grades by teachers.

Cambridge A level Past Papers

As per Cambridge announcement grades will be marked according to a system and in such difficult situations there would be a standard approach that would be overseen by Ofqual and with the help of the examination boards. So instead of worrying about the exams, we need to focus on putting the students back to the right track and help them in all situations to let them proceed, grow and learn.

Final Grades and Teacher’s Submission

According to the news and the announcements, the whole process would be very fair and clear and will rely mostly on teacher judgment. The rank order of the students will be preserved as submitted by the teachers but the grades may vary from the submitted ones to the examination boards for students in every subject. Not necessarily grades of every student will change but some will from the submitted ones as Cambridge assessment International is standardizing a system for the schools.learn with read and write A bad thing about this system is that it would miss those highest performing and top students who have been preparing for the last months and excelling in all tests and exams. Neither it would reflect the low performing students who have been chilling since the start of the session and have no preparations for the exams. Ones from such students who will receive good grades will surely be delighted as they had to do nothing to get these and have chilled and enjoyed their whole session. Hence, doing everything will still leave many drawbacks. But this is usual and also happens normally in exams too.

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