The COVID-19 Pandemic situation is continuously changing and there is a 2nd wave of COVID-19 taking over the world. Most of the countries have extended the lockdown duration and its not sure when the educational institutions will be open again and students will be having chance to sit in their classrooms again. Although many of the institutes are having online classes while other are studying at home from o level, A level and IGCSE Books. But this pandemic has affected the educational system of whole world. The Cambridge assessment also canceled the May/ June session exams as there wore no institutes open and it was not safe for the students to sit in examination.

Important Announcement of Cambridge

Cambridge have recently taken decision to grade the May/June 2020 session examinations by collaboration of schools and their own evidence combinations. The Pakistani country director Uzma Yousaf announced that the grades will be awarded to students using Cambridge’s own evidence in combination with the one provided by schools. They have asked the schools for collaboration and providing helping evidences to grade students in all the subjects they have enrolled in May/June 2020 and writeThis was ensured that all the students will get fair grades on their preparation, work and previous record basis and they will be able to move ahead to next levels. Cambridge have also announced to ask universities about the current scenarios and manage the admissions requirements for the students accordingly. Students will be able to seek admission in the universities worldwide and these grades will be valid everywhere.

Discussion of Cambridge

Cambridge is also discussing about the school community and finding the best possible solutions for them to continue education as safety of students and teachers is their first priority. Till than students should stay home and prepare from the o level, a level and IGCSE books and notes and instead of getting worried and panic they should relax now after this good news from the authorities and should focus on learning.


In IGCSE Biology and Physics play an important role and these are one of the science majors. Although Math’s also fall in the same category but mathematics is not the interest of every students and most of the students try to pass it considering it a big hurdle to cross over. Similar for the IGCSE chemistry subject. Chemical reactions are complex and the confusing theories may end up students disliking the subject. But not for everyone. Those who have interest in science and research actually excel in Chemistry. Whereas physics and biology are the subjects that are most close and related to the human and nature and students tend to score more in these subjects. They learn about the life and the universe and the system on which everything around is based. They become aware of the Nature and life more closely.

IGCSE physics

Physics deals with the study of energy, matter and their mutual relationship. Matter can be anything with mass and space occupation. It is about observation and understanding the universe and its mysteries. Students can learn the basic concepts and have better understanding from IGCSE physics. From preparation point of view physics IGCSE past papers by topic are very helpful and are complete notes to prepare for IGCSE physics exam.

IGCSE Biology

Biology is the study of life and explains the structure and behaviors of living organisms. IGCSE Biology is the first step to the biology world and gives all the basic knowledge of the field. It is a vast line furthers divided in to branches and subbranches. From course perspective IGCSE biology past papers topic wise notes are the best for preparation and these IGCSE Books have complete preparation materials with marks schemes that help students in preparing better.

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