According to previous updates due to the current pandemic situation in the whole world, the Cambridge Assessment cancelled the May/June session exams as the whole world is under lockdown and suffering badly from COVID-19. The Educational sector of almost all the world has been affected by this pandemic and in some countries, the complete session of the students has been lost. In Schools colleges and universities online classes were experimented to save the year of students and read n write also want to safe the year of students so now they are selling A level books online, but in most of the places it failed and the students seemed to be highly dissatisfied with these online classes.

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The circumstances have affected almost every department of the world and have put a break. Although it’s a tough situation on the other side it can be a good opportunity for learning and doing new things as the whole world is on break and everybody has enough time staying at home and learning new things. Especially for students, they can stay at home free of all worries and can focus on learning new skills and getting more knowledge. During this pandemic situation Read and Write publications offered special discounts in books with home delivery to let students learn and study for their next postponed sessions in advance staying in comfort and and write publications Many students ordered A level books online in Pakistan and O level books and notes. As technology is one of the main interests of most of the students so computer science a level note is useful during this period to learn many new things and practice them at home.  All the books’ collection of Read and Write including sociology O level notes, A level Physics worked solutions, A level business topical past papers, Pak Studies notes of A level are available online to purchase. Students can visit Read and Write website to order or can simply order us on our Facebook page or WhatsApp.

Chance to learn better From Online Books

The educational institutes are still closed and it’s still unpredictable that when this fatal virus will leave to let the whole world operational again. So, students still have a chance to learn and utilize their time in a better way. This is the golden chance for every understudy and especially for Cambridge assessment students to prepare for exams and achieve high grades.

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Read and Write Publication has the best preparation notes, books, topical and yearly past papers for O level, A level, and IGCSE. These books have complete up to date preparation material with complete examination guides and marks schemes. Our A level business topical past papers are very helpful for the students planning for business studies in university to have a better understanding of business concepts.A level past papers online topical Sociology o level notes and Pakistan studies note o level is although one of the boring subjects to study but needs more time and focus as these are relevant to our history and culture. Students have enough time to discuss the topics of these subjects with their parents. This will be helpful in learning such boring subjects easily.

Blessings From Read and write Publications

Although it’s a tough time for people and there is a lot of stress giving environment and situations. But it is required to stay patient and positive during this time and taking care of health. We highly recommend you all to stay safe at home, avoid unnecessary interactions, and utilize your maximum time doing something productive and learning something new that can be helpful for the future. May this pandemic end soon.