A levels student already had to face difficulty during admission in public universities especially in medical and engineering universities due to IBCC equivalence procedure marks deduction every year in Pakistan. But this year although the deduction would be pale as compared to the rise in the marks every FSC student will get this year.

It would be more difficult for A level students to join public universities in Pakistan as Intermediate students are going to get promoted by receiving marks upon their 11th class exam grades, whereas A level students have neither been given control over their grades nor have the freedom as the May/June 2020 exams have been cancelled.

As a result, it’s getting difficult for then to get admission in public universities in Pakistan. Although already they have been neglected in getting entry to the universities due to IBCC equivalence procedure. It is important to assign proportional seats to the A level students in universities of Pakistan or to adjust the grace marks or the equivalence should be revalued to put everyone on fair grounds as mostly the entry test is based on FSC syllabus.

According to government’s decision the grace marks awarded to intermediate students will also increase the threshold as the absolute highest that A level students can obtain after the IBCC equivalence is 990/1100. There is a collective effort required by the teachers, students and parents and school administrations to raise this issue to the notice of government. Ministry of Education should also take immediate actions to address this issue to the students studying A level and planning to join universities in Pakistan as every student either from A level or FSC have same right to study in public university of Pakistan.