This book is really good and helpful. especially the adv and disadv are in easy writing and easy to remember. Thankyou read and write for helping many students out there. Carry on the good work. God bless.

Tayaba Alee, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

came in decent quality, shipping status kept updated and i am satisfied with the product recieved.

Hamza Aamer, Gujranwala Cannt, Punjab, Pakistan

These notes help me to get my A* even before my CAIE’s(exams):p. I hope they would.

Abdul Razzaque, Sadar Lahore Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan

How are O Level Books / A Level Books and Past Papers Helpful in Preparation?

Everyone has their own perception about O level books, past papers and A level notes for preparation of exams. We will explain the common perceptions of students and give you the best Ideas to prepare exams using A Level/ O level past papers for excellent scores or straight A’s.


Common Practices Among Students Regarding O level Books and A Level Books

The main source of knowledge for exams preparation for the students are O level books and A level books. O/A level books are the first thing students use to cover up the syllabus and understand the concepts of the topics. Most of the students rely on just O level or A level books for preparation of exams and keep revising syllabus from the CAIE text books. These students don’t consider any other sources to test their knowledge. They keep working hard trying to memorize the O level or A level books. As a result of this they end up being confused due to a mess of knowledge in their minds and end up with a confusion of how the questions will be asked in exams. How to properly answer any question in paper to get maximum marks.

Students using O level Past Papers and A level Past Papers

Students who use O level Past papers for preparation of exams perform better in exams as compared to the ones who only rely on O level books. Same scenario goes with the A level students. The books are for the initial preparation and revision. The students use O / A level past papers for revision and testing their knowledge and preparation. O level pastpapers and A level past paper series contain the previous exam questions that are very helpful in preparing for the exam and understanding the nature of questions asked in exams. The past papers of O level and A level also give idea about what topics are more important from the exam point of view. This is better than only studying from just O / A level books.

These are the two ways students prepare for the Cambridge assessment exams. Obviously the second one is better as it helps in preparing and scoring good grades in exams. But there are some tips to get the best out of the O level past papers and get straight A’s.

To score good grades a student should first cover up the whole syllabus from A level Book or O level book. Then he should use the topical past papers of O level or A level to see the questions previously asked questions in exams. This will give him the idea about how much prepared he is for the exam. The reason for using topical past papers is that these papers have topic wise past paper questions that are much more helpful for students to understand what topics are more important from exams perspective. Also, these papers help student understand topics better.

The Topical Past Papers of O level and A level by Read and Write publications are one of the best papers used world wide by students. These papers contain all the variants of questions topic wise with complete references of the years of repetition. The good thing about Past papers from Read and Write is that these are available in both forms, paper back as well as eBook. You can also view the paper on your smart devices anywhere instead of carrying the heavy books with you.

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